God’s Humor

I think God has a strong sense of humor. After all, we are created in God’s image and he created humor and laughter. I believe He gets a chuckle or two with us humans every so often. I am a clutz and say say the silliest, most ridiculous things sometimes. See those are humorous to humans, but the chuckles God has is when us humans think we can find the answer ourselves.
I am sure God finds great humor with me as I am the queen at being independent and working hard and endlessly to figure out a question by myself. I always try to know the right answer and if I don’t surely I just make it up to appear all knowing.
I believe God places us insinuations for us to grow and strengthen our faith. Instead, I fail miserably by trying to figure out the answer all by myself rather than having faith in God.
Today, God got a great chuckle through my decisions. The night before, I had small group with a bunch of lovely junior girls. One of the girls had a question about Luke 14:16. Does being a disciple of the Lord really mean we must hate our own parents?
At the time, I did a good job working on the idea that I don’t always know the answer. I told her I would look into the verse more deeply and get back to her during the week.
So naturally, I decided to figure to what God’s answer to this question was on my own. I sat down this morning at starbucks with a latte in one hand and my Bible in the other. I was ready to dive into the Bible to figure out the answer for one of the girls. I started using reference material and the Internet to figure out this answer. Obviously, this is all great stuff for research. But looking back I realize I missed out on one important piece. After spending an hour researching, I figured out a solid answer that would be acceptable to share to the girls. I then continued my time by continuing in my study of Hebrews.
Now this is where God got a laugh at me. Normally during my time with the Lord I begin in prayer and silence. I ask God to reveal to me what He wants to teach me and I will obey. Then, I read my devotion, My Upmost For His Highest, as a way to start me off into the scripture. But this time, I forgot to ask the Lord to teach me and waited to read my devotion until the end of my time with the Lord.
The devotion for today was on Luke 14: 16. That’s right, the same verse that I spent an hour studying with reference material. My hours work was summarized in the two small paragraphs in the book. My lack of patience caused me to waste valuable time with the Lord and was a lot of extra work on my part. I think God through in the devotion today just for a good laugh. He wanted to remind me that I can’t do life alone, that I need to focus on Him and rely on Him fully. I need to stop wasting my time pretending like I know the answer or that I can find the answer. Instead, I need to come to Him in prayer and ask Him for guidance.
Even though this was a huge lesson for me to learn this week. I am grateful that God revealed it to me in a humorous way rather than harsh discipline.


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