Intentional But Interruptible

I am back on campus and ready for the new school year. I have been so busy this summer; I haven’t had enough time to even process my summer. I arrived on Thursday and it felt wonderful to just take it all on. I loved being on campus and seeing friends. This week has been filled with meetings and retreats with Campus Ministries, Hall Council, and Intervarsity. It has made me so excited for the new year.
My theme for this year is Intentional but Interruptible. On my last day at home, I went to wildside. Deana was speaking about our mission trip and ended the talk with the idea of living a life that is “intentional but interruptible.” I want to be known as a person that is intentional with all of my friendships and priorities. I want to be intentional in following God’s plan for me. BUT I want to make sure that I am not too busy, that I don’t have room for changes. I want people and things to interrupt my life, because I believe that is where God can work the most. If we are too busy for God, how can we allow Him to do work in our life.


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