The Lord is Good

“Father, thank you for community and for giving us life. Thank you for your grace and mercy. I fail you daily. I can do can make you love me more or less. Your love is unconditional. As I have had yet another day of stress and busyness, I want to thank you for the opportunity of school. For blessing me with friendships and an able mind.”

This semester is already going by so fast I have almost finished my third week at school. I have been crazy busy between school, friends, work, church and intervarsity. But the craziest thing of all is that I love what I am doing. I love my classes and I absolutely love intervarsity. I have been really busy and haven’t had time to reflect on my days, but today I did (I love my lazy Thursdays) and I had a great day today. I have four reasons why today was so good (some are more reflective reasons that make today good)

First, I am really bad at saying no and just want to do everything, but I physically can’t. But this semester I have had to depend on God to get through the day. Today I had the worst knot in my back, it was giving me pain all day. I finally had to realize that this was a wake up call and I need to spend more time relaxing in his word and taking the time for yoga. I know that this will take more time out of my day, but it will be what gets me through the day. So I am excited to work on that.
Second, i love my classes. Let me say it again I just love my classes. I taking this interpersonal communications course and it is so interesting. I have found myself listening to the conversations I am having and trying to decipher what type of conversation I am having. I have this paper due in two weeks for the course and I’m actually excited to sit down and write it! College is amazing when you take courses that interest you.
Third, today I was able to live out my theme for the semester… Intentional but interruptible. I am planner (just ask my roommates or check out my room, its filled with sticky notes). I am realizing it’s okay to have a plan, but not the ultimate goal. I am working on living a life intentionally following Christ and being intentional with all the work I do, But allowing Christ to interrupt my life for something far greater. I have been failing on this theme this week but not listening to the interruptions and tuning them out. But today I say at the cafe to do homework and patsy and Blair came to sit. I had already got an hour of studying in so I set it aside and just had a conversation with them. I ended up talking to pasty for almost two hours. It was what we both needed and it was just a simple way that God interrupted my day for something far greater and more rewarding. It added joy to my day. So, maybe I will get a b+ on my test instead of an A tomorrow. But I had a better day because of it, and was able to help out a friend that need to talk. The answer is simple when asked what is more important: a grade or a heart.
Lastly, today was the kickoff to the start of the small group I am leading with Blair. We had eight beautiful girls show up and we are just so excited to grow with these girls this year. We are making up our own study. We are focusing on our beauty and identity in Christ rather than the world. We asked each of the girls where they were at with Christ and where they are struggling. Blair and I shared to and were quiet open and the results were exponentially greater. These girls were so open and vulnerable and I just know that the Holy Spirit is going to work in this group, he already has. At coffee today as Blair and I were preparing. The holy spirit just laid Romans 12:1-2 as the theme verse for this small group. I could not be more excited for this small group.
So today was a beautiful day, I couldn’t have asked for a better day: classes, coffee, friends, and a awesome small group. The Lord is good. Blessings to all and may you find comfort in the Lord and may He transform your life like He has mine


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