sólo un simple paso de obediencia

Just a Simple step of obedience.
I have now approached this time I like to call the in-between. It is time when a semester has closed, but a new semester has not yet begun. It is a time for a break, a Sabbath. This past semester I finished my minor in Spanish. I just love the language and everything that goes with it. I just love the phrase, “Buscar a Dios” to seek the Lord. I want to seek the Lord in everything I do. I want to find Him while I am doing homework or catching up with a friend. It is easy to find the Lord, the key is just to be looking for Him and listening with an open ear. This past June, the Lord made it very clear through using multiple people and softening my parent’s heart that I was to take a giant yet simple step and attend Urbana, a global missions conference over Christmas Break. Urbana seeks to compel this generation to give their whole lives to God’s global mission, through challenging speakers across the globe, meeting hundreds of existing mission organizations, attending seminars, worshipping the Lord, receiving prayer, and studying the Bible.
Sure, it was a simple step of obedience to God’s calling, but in many ways it may not seem that way. I am leaving behind my sister, one I see only for a couple days each year. I am leaving the precious time I have with my parents, friends, and time at home.  But despite the things I am leaving behind, I am anxious and excited for these next five days. I will be making new friends, diving into the Lord’s heart, and be introduced to so many new cultures. I am excited to see what the Lord has planned for me over this conference and where He is calling me immediately after. If you are reading this, I am asking for prayers on this small step that will turn into a life adventure to seek the Lord.
The Lord seeks to use all of us for His global mission, the only thing is are we willing to take that step or leap that He calls us to take. Are we willing to obey Him? He choses ordinary people, like you me and me to serve His mission. If you don’t believe me just look in the Bible, it is filled with ordinary people. The Lord chose Moses to lead His people, a murder, a shepherd, and inadequate speaker. He chose Jonah to set Nineveh free, an ordinary fisherman who ran away from his fears. He chose David to be the next great king of Israel, a shepherd boy, the runt of the litter. Though he became king, he still made mistakes. He chose Marry, a peasant teenager, engaged to a local carpenter. But he used Her to carry His Son into the world, the hope for all mankind. She willingly surrendered herself to His will. He chose Paul, a man whose goal was to destroy Christianity. Although he had a violent past, he said Yes! to the Lord and proclaimed the Gospel. Paul performed and witnessed countless miracles and probably wrote one of your favorite books in the Bible. And me? He is still writing my story, but I know that it starts with a willing heart  and a simple act of obedience to follow Him. All these people were ordinary people, just like you and me, but it just shows how amazing and powerful God He is. I am just an ordinary person serving an extraordinary God and so are the 17,999 other students that will be at this conference.  All it takes is a simple Yes to follow Him, a Yes to the things God asks of us and a Yes to the people and things He places before us. Sólo un simple paso de obediencia.


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