I think it is ironic how the word maturity can be defined so differently. Urban dictionary defines maturity as: A word referring to the slow and painful process by which the human soul dies, and then proceeds to rot. This process ends when someone becomes fully mature, and are thus devoid of all joy and personality.
We, college students, may be quick to define maturity as independence. I know when I arrived at college I told myself that I was mature now because I was independent. However with that definition, my parents would argue that I am not mature, as they still help me pay for my car insurance, college tuition, and occasionally do my laundry when I come home. Maturity can be expressed as the point when a person is honest and sincere, rather than full of excuses and lies. Others may express maturity as the time when a person is financially on their own and goes to work every day rather than sitting on the coach playing video games. In many ways, maturity in the worldly sense can be summed up as independence and success.
Yet, when you define spiritual maturity, it is when a person is fully dependent on God and realizes that they can’t live without Him. This past month God has been teaching me the power of prayer. As a Christian and spiritual leader I need to be in prayer daily, even hourly. I used to rarely pray. I still don’t pray as often as I should, but I am learning how powerful prayer really is. Prayer is being fully dependent on God. I have learned that when I don’t pray or turn to God, it means that I am very prideful. I am basically saying I don’t need you God, I can do this on my own.
Through this realization, I have challenged myself to thinking about God every hour, which is the least I can do as He thinks of me every second. I am challenging myself this week to pray to God at every hour, telling Him that I need Him, want Him, and desire Him. I am excited for this challenge for the week, and if you are reading this I ask that you would pray for me this week, as I know it is easy to get sidetracked from the Lord.

Father, you are all powerful and deserve my attention, yet you put me first, more than I put you first. I want to be spiritually mature. I want to seek you in everything and depend on you. I need you in my life. Amen. 


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