Prayer of Contentment

“I would rather be what God chose to make me than the most glorious creature that I could think of, for to have been thought about, born in God’s thoughts, and then made by God is the dearest, grandest, and most precious think in all thinking” -George MacDonald

Last semester my theme was to live an intentional but Interruptible Life. Lately, prayer seems to be an ongoing theme in my life and the power of prayer. Nothing in this life is ours anyway, so I have been going to God in prayer in everything- money, relationships, friends, family, and even school. My life is not my own (Colossians 3:3-4), so everyday I am trying to give him more and more of my life. Recently, I have experienced many deaths in my family. Through this I have been learning the importance of experiencing life. The Lord can chose to take any of us up to heaven with Him at any moment He choses. He is in control, not I. I was looking back on the past few years and realized how different life would be if I didn’t listen to Him and His Voice. Ultimately, through that time of reflection I realized that the times when I listened to His voice and was obedient were plans that I never would have imagined or chose if it wasn’t for His Voice. The things that I would have chosen wouldn’t have necessarily been bad choices, but they weren’t the best things. My image of life is but a small view compared to the Lord’s helicopter view. I never would have thought I would go to Bulgaria, come to Central, join Intervarsity, and attend Urbana. Yet, I can’t imagine not adding those to my life. I am a new and changed person because of all four events. In all I learned what God has placed on my heart and more ways I can fulfill his calling for me: to know Him and make Him Know.
            These past couple of weeks I have been focused on calling as it a major theme in my pre-ministry seminar class. But through each week, I have realized that the key to life with Christ is contentment. It is not about landing on your calling but about enjoying the ride along the way. It is not about wishing for more money, a relationship, better grades, etc. It is about being content in what the Lord provides for us and trusting in Him. I am learning to be content in the phase of life I am in. And I believe that what the Lord choses to make me is far better than anything that I could imagine.
Lord Abba Daddy, Thank you for your love. You demonstrated the greatest love by dying on the cross for me. In return, I want to die to myself, so that you may live in me. I want my life to glorify you. Give me a heart of contentment. I want to be what you chose to make me. I want to give up my plans and follow you.  Amen

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