springtastic- the state that falls on communities, towns, and campuses when the first sign of 70 degree weather appears. A state of gratitude and utter joy. Characterized by smiles, sporadic wiffleball, ultimate frisbee, wearing dress, bike rides, and doing homework outside, and lack of motivation to do anything inside. Synonyms include so pumped to play Guinness today! 

It is spring, finally. For those that don’t live in a region that experiences a true winter, including snow, freezing degree weather, snow days, then you won’t quite understand my true joy when I say it is spring.

I am from a small town in Northern California. I use to long for summer, when it was already 70 degrees outside. I would long for the days to spend at the pool and trips to the lake. But after a long winter in Iowa, and yes I mean long we had snow in May, I don’t think I can express my joy for spring in words.

It is fun to watch the campus come alive this week. After what seemed like the longest winter of my life, I see college students leaving their dorm rooms and running to the outdoors, like caterpillars leaving their cocoons. I see college students tanning by the pond, playing a game of sand volleyball, a game of Guinness across campus, ultimate frisbee at the park, and friends studying for finals by the pond.

It’s funny, I feel a season behind. Most of my friends back home are longing for summer. But I on the other hand am longing for spring. I have anxiously longed for the day I could sit by the pond or go on a bike ride to Lake Red Rock.

It snowed on my last day of classes. Let me just tell you, that day felt like the opposite of summer. It is weird, normally I long for summer, mainly because by the end of the semester I am just so worn out and need the relaxation.  But I feel like summer just crept up on me. I am not tired, just desperate for spring.

I think that the weather is a reason why I am not ready for summer. But the other reason is because summer means goodbye. I have said too many goodbyes this week and more are to come. It is hard when people that have been in my life everyday for the past two years, I will not see again for 8 months. So this year, rather than longing for school to end I want it to continue as long as it can. I love my friends and don’t want to say goodbye just yet.


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