La Alhambra


La Alhambra is a palace and fortress complex that is locatedin my city, Granada. It is located on a strategic point, with a view of the whole city. Also making it a beautiful place to visit with some great views.


On of the many fun things that comes along with my orientation is a tour of La Alhambra.  One of our professors, Aurelio, gave us the tour in Spanish. It is crazy to think that I am getting to the point where I can understand a tour of a huge fortress in a second language. I will do my best to show you La Alhambra, however first the pictures will not do it justice. It is so beautiful and is a must for all who visit Granada. Second, remember I was given the tour in Spanish so I might have misunderstood some parts of the tour.1231585_10151873395624063_1310882992_n

Our tour guide Aurelio Photo credit: Marissa

We started our tour at a side entrance, la puerta de justicia. There is a hand on the arc of the door that represents the 5 obligations of Islam.


We entered into the military area of the city, where we saw the foundation of what used to be the living quarters, and where they kept their food, water, and prisoners.1234731_10151873454134063_1031502331_n


view from La Alhambra looking over Granada

Then we headed to the palace. The palace was decorated with great detail and fun patterns much like the one below. 

After the tour, many of us stayed to have lunch inthe beautiful gardens, followed by a fun photo shoot.



Then we walked down the hill to Los Italianos, my new favorite gelato in all of Granada and a must go to when visiting this beautiful  city. Speaking of Los Italianos, I am now heading there to get one last ice cream with my roommate before we head to Morocco (we are taking a ferry to Africa, but don’t worry you will hear more in my next post). We just finished our placement exam, and decided that it is our celebration treat.


Put this in just for giggles, it is our tour guide and professor Aurelio. (He kind of has a crush on me so we took this picture just for fun)



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