Hit list: UK

Traveling to the UK for this long weekend turned out to be the greatest blessing in the world. Although there were some bumps along the way, as comes with most traveling, this weekend was absolutely amazing. Traveling to the UK was on my short hit list for this semester for 2 reasons. First,I have always wanted to go to London. But second and most importantly, I had many friends that had or were currently studying in the UK and I wanted to see the place they called home. I have found over the years that although traveling to the tourist locations is fun, it is when you travel to places with significant meaning that are the most enjoyable and memorable.
So after a long week of traveling in Morocco, I got a good night sleep in Granada and yummy paella in my stomach and it was off to the airport for a crazy long weekend in the UK. Our first stop was Manchester as I was meeting a friend from college there before heading up to Bangor, wales together.
Unfortunately my dear friend got very sick on the plane (I’m thinking it was the water in Morocco) however this was our first experience with RyanAir and I must say they were so sweet and took care of her the whole flight. They even offered to call in an ambulance for her to take tot he hospital which she strictly said no as ambulances cost a boot and an arm. After a long night in the hostel we were able to meet up with my friend Kris. The timing worked out Perfectly as he was traveling to Scotland for his YWAM program and had a couple free days to go to Bangor with us.
My friend still wasn’t feeling good so when we arrived in Bangor we decided to take her to the hospital. She was able to see a doctor and get some medication and then head back to a friend’s flat tog rt some sleep. No one ever wants to go to a hospital especially while on vacation however looking back on it if there was a time to ever get sick it was the Perfect timing and place. First, health care in the UK is free even for foreigners (hence why they wanted to call her the ambulance in Manchester) except in London. Second, central college has a program in Bangor so we were able to contact a program director easily. Third, we had friends in Bangor so she could sleep in a real bed instead of a hostel. Plus most people can’t say they went to a foreign hospital and it was free. Yes the hospital wait wasn’t fun but I was just glad it wasn’t in London and she was feeling better.

Bangor is hardly ever on a tourists hit list as it is in the middle of nowhere and is quiet small, however for me it was because many of my friends called this place home for semester, including Kris. Walking through the uni, sleeping in the flats, and experiencing the pubs in Bangor really helped me to visually picture all the stories I had heard from my roommate, Mariah, over the last year. And let me just say I learned that cider is absolutely delicious.
On our second day in wales, we decided to go on a short hike to roman capital overlooking the city. Wales is absolutely beautiful and to my right I saw the isle of Anglesey, where Prince William and Kate use to live.
Bangor was fun but I was ready to hit up London and see my friend Jordan. I realized the last time us three were together: Jordan, Alicia and I were together we all got piercings so watch out London.


One thought on “Hit list: UK

  1. Love this! Especially love the little cliffhanger about piercings. I’m not worried, as you like our money too much for that! Love, mom

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