12 hours and 3 modes of transportation later…

So we had an idea of how we were gonna get to the airport to make our 9:05 am flight. The original plan was to take a double decker bus from our current location (Woburn place) to Liverpool station however all the night buses just so happened to be out of service to a night construction project. Just our luck.

The morning started with a lovely 4am workout. Alicia and I walked 2.3 miles to the Liverpool street station to catch our 5:30am bus to the airport. The directions got a little confusing because it wanted us to take back roads/ shortcuts but Alicia figured out how to get us back on track. We made it to the bus 25 minutes early and we were glad our motto for the day was be early because the bus left 15 minutes early. From there it’s was smooth sailing, I napped (went back to sleep) for the 1 hour bus ride.
We ended up arriving at the stansted airport 3 hours before our flight, however we felt relieved because the security line was huge. Yeah we may have been a little too early but after our hectic trip to Manchester last week Alicia and I decided being early to everything was a better way to travel.
Once through security I found a boutique coffee shop and ordered a grande Carmel macchiato. Yes I may have splurged a little and gone the America route (cough cough Starbucks) but we walked this morning and that saved up a couple pounds anyways.

I sat at a table in Starbucks journaling and we spotted Christian from afar and spied on him for a solid 10 minutes before getting up and sitting with him.

Next up was a 3 hour plane ride to Malaga. Which was actually nice because us three say next to each other and I journaled and got a lot of sleep.

When we arrived in Malaga we had to catch a bus to the bus station. Then we had to buy a ticket for the next bus to Granada which wasn’t until 3 so we had an hour to kill at the station. At 3 we got on the bus for a 1.5 hour bus ride to Granada. Alicia and I watched Princess Diaries on my iPad which helped pass the time.
Once in Granada we had to catch a city bus line 10 to get into the center of town to walk home.

12 hours of traveling later and 3 modes of transportation later I was finally back at my host momma’s house and ready to fall asleep. Whew what an exhausting day and classes started the next morning.
I forgot how long traveling takes when you don’t have a car like I’m used to back in the States. Although I must say the bus system in Spain is very good!


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