Hola. Ciao. Hello.

Buenos días!

Wow has time gone fast. I have already been in Granada for over a month and I have finished 2 weeks of classes already!

While in Granada, I am studying at the CLM (centro lenguas modernas) through the University of Granada.  I am studying with students from all over the world and all of my classes are taught in Spanish. During my 2 weeks of class I have learned so much.

  1. 2 hour classes are long. They make my 50 minute classes back at Central seem like nothing. Except most professors give a 15 minute café break halfway through and that really helps
  2. The textbooks are cheaper in Spain. Most professors write their own textbook and photocopy it and put it in a notebook and sell it for 5 euros. How great is that.!
  3. So, my professor told me that my group has to give a presentation pequeño next Monday in class. Apparently, pequeño means a 1 hour presentation. Not to mention this all has to be in Spanish!!! So please be praying for me.
  4. As I mentioned before all the classes are in Spanish. It’s still mind-blowing to me that I’m learning in Spanish material other than Spanish grammar, but amazingly I’m actually understanding more than I thought I would.
  5. It is a good day when the CLM coffee machine decides to offer café gratiz all day. I may have had 6 cups that day.
  6. No classes on Friday. Three day weekends are great and perfect for traveling.

I’m taking an Italian class while here. I know kind of ironic that I’m studying a third language while in Spain. But I’ve always wanted to take Italian so why not start now. It is actually really fun, since it’s beginning Italian. We spent the first day learning the phonetics,  by saying spaghetti, Lamborghini, capucchino, and bicicletta with an Italian accent and excessive hand motions.

But it is also really challenging. My Italian class is taught in almost all Italian and a little Spanish. Half of my classmates are from the U.S. and the others are adults from Spain. There is no room for my mind to speak in English, so I’m learning my third language with my second language.

Through this class I’m also learning a lot about Spaniards. Spaniards don’t tend to like things different from their way, including their language. It was so funny when my Italian teacher explained that there was only one Italian verb for the verb ser and estar in Spanish. They didn’t like that idea and wanted a second verb.  Although this class gets confusing sometimes, (more like all the time) it is also helping my Spanish and learning more about the Spanish language from the Spaniards point of view.

Well, I’m off to a nice three day weekend in Granada. Until next time.



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