Moroccan Tea

I know this post is long overdue, but I have found what might possibly be my favorite tea. The Moroccans know how to make tea. The Moroccans are very hospitable and I was offered this tea at least twice a day.

My host mother in Morocco taught me how to make this tea so that I can make it back in the States.

Warning: It is very delicious, but oh so sugary. Make sure to brush your teeth after drinking, or just add less sugar like I do.

The Recipe:

First, you need very, very hot water.


Then add a scoop of Chinese Gunpowder Tea to the water.

Chinese Gunpowder Tea

Then grab a handful of fresh mint. Make sure to take a moment and just smell the mint gosh I love that smell.


Then you add the sugar (about 2-3 sugar cubes)

The Moroccans love their sugar, but I would prefer it with 1 sugar cube or 1 spoonful of sugar.


And there you have it. Let it sit for a few minutes and then your tea is ready.


If you want to be like a true Moroccan pour with both hands!


Don’t forget the Moroccan pastries to go with it.


Photography by Marissa Schmidt


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