Officially Fall

The season has changed! Fall is in full swing in Granada. From wearing shorts and a T-shirt almost everyday, it is now acceptable for me to bring out my favorite seaters and boots. Last night I walked out of my class to pouring rain! At first I was excited because rain was my favorite season, but then I realized that I was unprepared: I had a laptop in my backpack and toms on my feet. Needless to say I ran home barefoot to protect my TOMS and may have slipped a couple times on the marble sidewalk.

It is crazy to believe that I have been here long enough to watch the days go from 90 degrees to 60 degrees. I have been in Europe for almost 2 months! It has gone by so fast, but I have been enjoying every minute I have had here. I won’t lie I am sad that fall begins so late here and it isn’t as beautiful as it is in Iowa or California. And I will miss the leaves changing, the apple cider, and pumpkin spiced lattes. ย However, Granada has it’s own beauty to me! And luckily fall comes every year.


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