It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

The minute I got off the plane in Glasgow, Scotland and was walking down  main street, the stores were filled with Christmas lights, sweaters, and decorations.  It seemed weird to get into the Christmas spirit on Halloween. I used to get frustrated that stores would put up the Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving had happened. But this fall, holidays are a little different than normal. 

I celebrated Halloween in Scotland. We went on a Halloween Tour around Edinburgh, hearing ghost stories and past stories of the mofia and criminals in Edinburgh. We found Elephant House, the birthplace of where Harry Potter was written.   The next day we went and looked for Nessie at Loch Ness, a timeless fairy tale creature. I embraced the beautiful fall in Edinburgh, although it was a little colder to my pleasing.




After celebrating Halloween, I feel like it is now acceptable to get into the Christmas spirit. So, the next day I bought my grande Latte from Starbucks (in a red Christmas cup of course). I embraced all the lights and christmas decorations and sweaters in the store. And as soon as I came home from Scotland, I noticed all the Christmas lights were put up around Granada.

So for now, I am embracing Christmas: the music, the movies, the lights and the holiday spirit.



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