A Relaxing Weekend

I decided to stay in Granada this weekend and relax since I have had a very busy past couple of weekends: Madrid, Scotland, and Córdoba. And I have some more trips coming up in the weekends to come: Italy, Sierra Nevada, and possibly a trip to Portugal.

It was a great weekend. On Thursday evening I  saw the most beautiful sunset at the Mirador de San Nicholas in the Albaicín.  Then I went out to Tapas with friends.


On Friday Alicia, Christian, and I woke up early to go hiking and watch the sunrise. (Because there are so many mountains on the outskirts of Granada, you have to hike up the mountains to see a Sun Rise) It was on Alicia’s bucket list to see a sunrise and sunset in the same day, but we decided to do it the Spanish way and do sunset to sunrise. The sunrise was beautiful, however it was freezing and windy.


Photo Credit: Alicia Huegel

The way down was an adventure, we decided to go down a different way on the opposite side of the Alhambra. We may have crossed on some private property and included a 14 foot drop to the street. But we successfully got back without any injuries. 

After a great Spanish siesta, I went to a tetería to get tea with a Spanish friend. We discussed everything from our families, to our favorite bars in Granada, to our Christmas traditions, to the differences of higher education in our countries over a nice cup of tea. I ordered “un té negro con leche” and it tasted similar to a chai, so I was very content.  

Alicia and I spent our Saturday morning the way you always should. We woke up went shopping on Recogidas and grabbed some churros and chocolate for a morning snack. After lunch I worked on homework and that night Alicia and I went to the Japanese Baths in Granada.Two hours of girl talk and relaxing in the cold and hot baths while sipping on tea was the perfect way to end the evening. Did I mention it came with a 20 minute massage. Let’s just say I slept well last night. 

This morning was a perfect way to end the weekend. I watched my church’s sermon online in my bed and finished my homework before lunch. Now I am sitting in my family room with my host mom watching La Búsqueda (National Treasure).

This weekend has been an accurate picture of all that my city has to offer. Now after a relaxing weekend I am ready to head to Rome on Wednesday and see the Pope and make a wish in the Trevi Fountain.


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