The first of the Lasts

Today I leave for my last big trip. I am going to Norway with friends from my program. After this trip, the next time I get on an airplane it will be to come home.

It is weird to me that this is my last trip. Dreaming, planning, organizing, traveling, and taking endless photos has become a part of my life this semester. It is hard to tell myself that it isn’t normal to take off a weekend to travel around Spain, let alone a different country. But this was a big part of who I was this semester and through it was able to find my independence and use my planning, navigating and budgeting skills to the max. It also taught me how to go with the flow, get lost, and try new things that ended up making  me stronger as a person. I have learned that I can fly to a city with only 5 things on my list and have more fun than a list of 20 things.

I have loved each one of my trips so much and each one brought me joy in a unique way and taught me so much. I am sad that I have to start ending this chapter. The chapter of traveling and cultures. But after this semester I know that there are more chapters of traveling to come.

So for now I am off to Norway to enjoy a weekend in Bergen with a great friend. Did I mention that Bergen is home to the world’s largest Gingerbread CITY?!?!


One thought on “The first of the Lasts

  1. Ummmm, so can you like get me something from Norway?! I have ALWAYS wanted to go! Plus, my great great grandparents emigrated from Bergen!

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