My A-Z of Granada

So, in honor of leaving tomorrow, I have made an A-Z  list of the bests to see and do in this city that I have called home for 3 1/2 months. Most visitors concentrate solely on the magnificent Alhambra, but if you explore further, you’ll find Andalucia’s hippest, most youthful city, with a “tapas gratiz” culture, that now has a piece of my heart. Some of this list includes places I have gone, things I have done, and highlights from this semester.

Alhambra- Beautiful and a must see when in Granada. The palace, the gardens, the history; it is all beautiful.

Baños de Japoneses. My roommate and I went here one night for a girl’s evening. We caught up on life and relaxed in the baths and hot tea. Oh and we got a massage.

Centro de Lenguas Moderno: my building that I have studied at through the University of Granada. Spent some good time in this building, sometimes even 6 hours a time.

Dancing- Flamenco dance originated from Andalucía I even had the opportunity to go to a show up in the caves with my program.

Elephants! My favorite animal and you can get almost any elephant souvenir you could ever want here! I may have bought a blanket, scarf, and pants with elephants on them.

Futból  Café futból is a classic café for chocolate and churros and with the free wifi it is a great place to meet up with friends. It is a café that both the tourists and the locals love.  Futból is a popular sport through out Spain,  I made it to a futból game with my program and it is an experience you don’t want to miss.

General Life Gardens in the Alhambra. The garden attached to the Alhambra is beautiful. We went here during our first week in Granada and in these gardens I bonded with many girls in my program and even had a photo shoot.

H&M yes, I know that we have this in the states, but how can you resist the 4 story H&M on your walk to class every morning.

Italianos  The best gelato you will ever taste, even Michelle Obama says so. And for only 1 euro what could be better than that! You have to be careful though because it closes from October until the spring. But my wallet was grateful.

Justín- my first Spanish movie I went to. This animation was written and designed in Granada. During my time here I went to quiet a few movies and they helped with my Spanish comprehension. My new favorite movie in Spanish is Frozen: el reino del hielo.

Kilometers of coastline. Granada is home to the mountains and the beaches. Enjoy some time at the Mediterranean Beach. Salobreña was my favorite beach, but Alemuñeca is good too.

Llano de la Perdiz- One of my favorite hikes in Granada. You can see the Sierra Nevada on one side and the city on the other. One morning I woke up early with two friends to hike it so we could watch the sunrise. It was totally worth it even though we got lost on the way down.

Mayerling- possibly my favorite café to study at with friends. My classic order was a café con leche.

Nightlife As a University city the nightlife is pretty great. Most people go out for tapas and then to the discotecas (camborio, an outdoor club overlooking the Alhambra, or GranadaDiez, very classy, were my two favorites) As most Americans leave a club around 2, most of these clubs don’t open until 2. I have learned that the stereotype that Spainards stay out until dawn is true.

Olive oil tasting: Our program went to Olvia to taste olive oil after an interesting class about the culture and how olive oil is made. It was so good and I had no idea there were over 200 varieties of olives. Well Alicia and I loved it so much that last week we went back to do the olive oil tasting and this time it included tasting Granada wines!

Parque Federico García Lorca. A beautiful park close to my apartment and is great for running in.

Quindici: one of the many Italian words I have learned in my Italian class this semester.
Río Genil, go on a beautiful run along the river or grab a book and find a bench.

Sierra Nevada. Just a short bus ride away.  Go trekking or skiing in the Sierra Nevadas overlooking the city.

Tapas. Granada is home of the free tapas. For every drink you buy, you get a free appetizer.

Unique geography. In the province of Granada you can ski at Sierra Nevada in the morning and drive 40 minutes to the coast to swim in the sea on the sameday. The amazing variety of climate makes for a fun place to live in.

Vegan cafe. Hicuri Art Vegan Restaurant and Café. It is the perfect spot for some café con leche de almendras (almond milk). I found it a little later in the semester than I would have liked, but it is brand new it opened just 3 months ago and the perfect place for breakfast or studying during classes.

Window shopping on Recogidas- who doesn’t love window shopping on your walk to school every morning.

Xcellent sunrise at a la Mirador de San Nicolas. Breathtaking views of La Alhambra and the Sierra Nevada  or as my professor would say “sexy sexy bomb” view. A perfect place for a picnic and a sunset, according to Bill Clinton.

You should come visit at Christmas Time! There are lights all around the city and it is beautiful at night, not to mention all the Christmas markets throughout the city.

Zakuro an amazing Japanese restaurant along río darro, because where else can you get fresh sushi and a tinto de verano.



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