I packed my backpack and in it….

I’m back! It’s been a while since I last blogged(almost a whole year) but I’m back and ready to share!
2014 was a chaotic year filled with tears, rough endings, but also filled with new beginnings, laughter, good wine, and wonderful friends. It was the year I turned 21, finished my first license of many, was offered a job post graduation, and said goodbye to my season in Iowa.
I’m ready for a year of new beginnings and adventure before I grow up and start my big girl job, and what better way to start then to spend the first half of the year in London- interning for a financial firm and taking a class or two šŸ™‚
I leave today and will be back in May!

As traveling has been not only a passion of mine but a necessity (between traveling back and forth to the Bay Area and Iowa) I have gotten fairly good at packing. I now have a list of what I keep on hand for the plane ride.

As a kid we road tripped fairly often and to stay entertained we played the memory game, “I packed my backpack and in it I packed…” Well today I would like to share with you what I packed in my carry on for the flight to London.


1. Infinity Scarf: as it will be very cold in London when I arrive
2. Leather gloves:
3. Almonds: for in case I sleep through dinner.
4. Hand lotion
5. EOS Chapstick
6. Sunglasses: for in case the sun comes out in London
7. iPhone: enough said
8. Waterbottle: who wants to pay $5 for a plastic water bottle at the airport. I fill it up once I get through security at a drinking fountain. Sustainable to my wallet and the environment. It’s a win win šŸ™‚
9. Travel book on Great Britain
10. Plugless charger: to charge my phone on the plane.
11. Ipad: filled with reading material from Steinbeck to C.S. Lewis
12. Passport: obviously šŸ™‚
13. And lastly a journal. I just love writing and who know I might come up with a great blog post while on the plane šŸ™‚

Hopefully you may find this list useful when you have to pack for an upcoming trip. For now I say goodbye to the USA for five months and hello to the United Kingdom.


One thought on “I packed my backpack and in it….

  1. Isabelle, You’re Amazing! You make packing & travelling look so fun ‘n easy! Enjoy your Journey! May the Lord Bless & Keep You! Aunt Susanne >

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