My life as a working Girl in the city…

I can’t believe I have been in London for almost a month now! I have just completed my third week at my internship and I would say things are going very well.

I am becoming an excel guru! I have successful timed myself and I can complete 15 rows of my spreadsheet in 2 minutes and 37 seconds. Most receptionists add a “words per minute” to their resume and I can add a rows per minute 🙂

I love tea time!They each take their tea differently and have taught me how to make my perfect cup. I have perfected the perfect tea, steeped for 3 minutes, a “slop” of milk as my coworker says, and a spoonful of sugar.

I am making friends in the office especially at tea time! It is always tea time at my office, I have about 4 cups a day. And heaven forbid we run out of milk for the tea,  everything is put on hold for a trip to the store. In the kitchen, I have held conversations from the Super Bowl, to my future plans, to “does America even have toasters?”, to rugby men.

Monday was National Sickie Day: Last year 375,000 people called in sick and there were 3 people that were “sick/taking the day off”  in my office on Monday, out of 13 employees .  I find it comical that the day after the Superbowl was National Sick Day. It is an American event, yet Londoners love to use it as an excuse for a sick day.

London loves their American Football: Unlike myself, London is use to the Superbowl starting at 11:30pm. My coworkers love the game, but aren’t commited to a team. They all rooted for the Patriots, because that is who I rooted for. I find it funny that one of my coworkers took off Monday in advance because they knew they would stay up until 3:30 to watch the Superbowl.

They like nicknames. Many of my coworkers go by nicknames like Jez is short for Jeremy and they call another one Granty. They now call me Izzy, something I am not use to in the workplace, but makes me feel like one of them.

I love the British Accent: It makes my day every time my coworker answers the phone and says “Agent Crawley speaking” in his British accent. It just never gets old. We actually have 12 British and 1 Aussie in the office, so we have fun pronouncing the same words with our three different accents.

Their world revolves around the weather: On Tuesday, one of my coworkers was 3 hours late because it snowed half an inch in her town. Commuting and public transportation is a way of life in London and when it snows and it is mayhem.  On another note, they love asking about the weather. And it seems like the day is dependent on “It is colder/ warmer today.”

My coworkers are very posh: Not only do my co workers dress smart, but they are very posh. I found out that one of my co-workers is a member of the RAC, the royal automobile club and many of my other coworkers travel to other countries over the weekend. One co-worker is out all week because he is skiing in Switzerland.

The RAC club is very posh, you must be a member to even step foot into this building. Many celebrities have dinner at this club and the royal family has been sighted here. I had the opportunity last Friday to go to the RAC for my internship. I could not believe how stunning th

Those walls came from Versailles

Those walls came from Versailles

e building was. The walls were beautiful and I later learned that they came from Versailles. The meal was incredible- 3 course meal. Most importantly, I got to meet some very posh- upper class Brits.  After the meal, I felt like I had a greater understanding of a class in Britain that I wouldn’t normally get to interact with. Not to mention it was quite possible the best night of my life.

There is an open work environment: It still surprises me that the CEO does not have his own office, but rather sits at a desk with all the other co-workers within a 200 foot vicinity. Not only that, but that means when an employee has a question or comment the entire office can hear it. I attended our monthly meeting on Monday and was surprised when they talked about an concern they openly discussed with everyone about a time an employee had made a mistake and how they handled it. They also openly called out someone on a mistake in front of everyone. I was shocked that they handled an issue that way but mainly I am just not use to that kind of open communication.

There are so many things I could tell you, but I am off to Bath and Stonehenge in the morning. It will be my first weekend away since arriving.


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